The following covers books, TV and accounts that you can use to better undertand and learn about white supremecy, racial injustice, police brutality and more. These are all such important topics to be clued up on and to act against. I have been both devastated and inspired by the content that is filling up social media at the moment and I believe that everyone is ready to push for change – join the movement. #BLACKLIVESMATTER.

Accounts to learn from

@ibramxkendi @rachel.cargle @colorofchange @ckyourprivilege @theconsciouskid @mspackyetti @blklivesmatter @tamikadmallory @privtoprog @munroebergdorf @ayishat_akanbi @renieddolodge @roxanegay74

Books to read

How to be an Antiracist, Ibram X. Kendi – Me & White Supremecy, Layla F. Sand – Sister Outsider, Audre Lorde – Hood Feminism, Mikki Kendall – White Fragility, Robin Diangelo – Freedom is a Constant Struggle, Angela Davis – Citizen: An American Lyric, Claudia Rankine – Black Feminist Thought, Patricia Hill Collins – Heavy, Kiese Laymon

Movies/Shows to watch

13th, When They See Us, Selma, The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975, I Am Not Your Negro, The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution, If Beale Street Could Talk.

Read, watch, listen, follow and support to force the change. The power that people have when they come together is unbelievable. Everyone should be encouraged to educate themselves and do the research because we don’t learn about this in school, we have to take it into our own hands and help the people around us to do the same. Don’t ignore something because it makes you uncomfortable. Be a part of the solution.