Let’s Get Inspired!

In this post I am going to share a few things that inspire me and hopefully could inspire you too. It is easy during these uncertain times to feel a bit defeated or down in the dumps and that’s ok, but if you were looking for something to raise your spirits, hopefully this will help.

Something that inspires me constantly is the I Weigh movement led by Jameela Jamil. I believe it started as an instagram account and encourages people to weigh themselves based on their characteristics, skills and accomplishments instead of just a pointless number on the scales. For example, ‘I Weigh being a great mum’ or ‘I Weigh being my own boss’. In my case I Weigh the values I live by, particularly thoughtfulness. These are the things that are important and should matter to you. It is an incredibly inclusive movement aiming to make everyone feel happy in the body they have regarless of identity, disability or size etc. They regularly share inspiring stories, positive thoughts and honest advice. Jameela has also recently started a podcast called I Weigh with Jameela Jamil. There have been four episodes so far and I have really enjoyed them. I especially loved the episode with Reese Witherspoon because it was such a refreshingly honest conversation about issues with mental health, body image and glass ceilings – problems that affect so many people. I feel empowered when I see a post, tweet or video coming from I Weigh and would definitely recommend checking out the page. I remember when I first found the page, it really blew my mind. I had never thought about the way that the media depict ‘skinny’ people as the ideal and that if you can’t achieve this, there is something wrong with you and you must strive for improvement. This utter nonsense can have such harmful effects on ‘larger’ or more susceptible women, possibly leading them to suffer from eating disorders. It is something that I have become so passionate about and am always happy to spread the word and encourage the people around me to feel good about themselves and appreciate everything their body does for them.

I read Becoming by Michelle Obama last year and it was fantastic. Everyone knows who Michelle Obama is and that she is an incredible woman but this book really breaks down her childhood and struggles she faced with identity. Also covered is her career and meeting the then future president, Barack Obama, before becoming a mother and the First Lady. It’s an incredible interesting story all in all, but I especially loved reading about what she set out to achieve as the First Lady, campaiging for healthier eating, exercising and eating fresh produce. She made such an immense impact in her time at the Whitehouse. If you’re not a big fan of reading, try it as an audio book on Audible read by Michelle Obama herself. I would fully reccomend this book because, as you might’ve guessed, it is so inspiring and gives a fantastic insight to her life and all that she has achieved from a young age.

If you want to watch an incredibly talented, strong and inspiring woman then I would suggest you watch the Miss Americana documentary on Netflix following Taylor Swift. It takes you through the best and worst times of her career and how she pushed through despite feeling like the world was against her. I have always been a fan of Taylor Swift but had no idea what was going on behind the scenes so it was a real eye-opener. Despite the struggle of deciding whether or not to break her silence on politics, she now pushes for equality for all and encourages young people to get involved in politics and use their vote to make a difference. I felt unbelievably empowered after watching this.

This blog is about things that have inspired me, personally. This does not neccessarily mean that it will work for you, as we are all our own people with differing opinions and beliefs. What I will say, is there is always something or someone out there for you to draw inspiration from, you just have to seek it out.

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