March Favourites

When I wrote my February Favourites post, I certainly didn’t expect March to go the way it did! The things I looked forward to, like my weekend in London, didn’t go ahead (understandably of course). With cinemas being closed, I didn’t get to see the movies that I had hoped to like Misbehaviour or Mulan. The arrival of Disney + did fill this void, thankfully! (Review post to follow!).

So, speaking of movies, earlier this month my mum and I went to watch Onward, the new disney movie starring Chris Pratt and Tom Holland. We were the only adults there with no children but the embarrassing part was how much we sobbed throughout the movie, not even just a little bit at the end. The movie was laugh out loud funny to all ages watching, heart warming and so imaginitive. The story combined every fantasy we have as children; pixies, unicorns, mermaids, wizards – you name it. It was such an original idea which was refreshing in a time where new movies are just new versions of old movies. This is one of our favourite Disney movies of all time and lucky for us, it is being released on Disney + next week!


Niall Horan’s new album Heartbreak Weather is definitely a new favourite of mine! Some of my stand out songs are Small Talk, No Judgement, Everywhere and Bend The Rules. I think out of all the 1D boys, his music is most similiar to what they were releasing as a band, but it now has a mature sound and would appeal to a more varied audience. I have had the album on repeat since it was released.

What I’m looking forward to…

LOCKDOWN BEING OVER! Of course at the moment, lockdown is the best way to stop the spread of COVID-19 and so if everyone takes it seriously, we can be safe and life can be back to normal sooner. This is a really hard time for so many people and it’s really important for everyone to help and support each other any way they can, while still following the rules and restrictions set out by the government (they’re in place for a reason). Wishing good health for everybody and stay safe!

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