Self Isolation Survival Guide

Due to recent circumstances, a lot of us are being encouraged to self isolate and practice social distancing. This may be because you have contracted COVID-19, been into contact with someone who has or simply to reduce the spread of the virus. I can imagine that being isolated at home is going to be challenging for some people, and so I have read around and collated some tips to help you stay sane during your self quarantine. If you’re looking for medical advice, please visit NHS online and keep up to date with the news.

Try and get outdoors and exercise (if possible). You could walk, run or bike, for example, and enjoy the fresh air while getting your body moving. This can help to prevent you from feeling couped up or trapped in the house. Exercise can have an immensely positive effect on the mind and body too which is crucial in times like these.

Stay in touch with friends and family. You can FaceTime or call loved ones to catch up and check in on them. It’s always good to talk, especially if you’re experiencing anxiety or high stress levels. Keeping in contact also feels like socialising and can prevent some feelings of loneliness or boredom. It’s important to support others and try to pull together as a community as best you can. With everyone keeping in contact, whether it’s friends, family or neighbours, you can all help each other out.

Try to maintain your usual hobbies. Baking, board games, reading and crafting are all hobbies that are fun and can be done at home. You could take the time to try things you have been meaning to or catch up on some DIY projects and redecorating. Occupying yourself with an activity can keep you busy and provide some normality to a very un-normal situation.  Keep doing what you enjoy and what makes you feel positive.

Humans are creatures of habit and routine generally has a good impact on us. So, trying to continue your routine while self isolating can have great benefits. Try getting up at the time you usually would for work or school. Maybe have a shower each morning and cook up a nice breakfast, whatever works for you. Try to implement a structure in your life to make up for the lack of structure everywhere else. This can help you achieve any goals you hope to tick off your to-do list.

Keep your mind active. It’s easy for boredom to take over and the mind to feel like mush when you’re completely un-busy. To counter this, keep your mind going with some brain training. Crosswords, suduko, quiz shows – you can get this up on the TV, in newspapers/magazines or those little puzzle books that you get at christmas. This is essential for people who cannot work from home and want something to focus on from time to time.

Do some yoga and/or meditating at home. If you don’t have much opportunity to get outdoors and exercise, it can be beneficial to do yoga for a full body stretch. My favourite way to do at home yoga is watching Yoga With Adriene on YouTube. There are hundreds of different videos all focusing on different body parts, problems or mental aspects. It is also a good idea to incoorporate meditation into your practice as the two go hand in hand. Meditation can help to reduce stress and axiety which is something that so many people are dealing with at the moment. It allows you to step back and take a moment to clear your mind of the chatter and just breathe. If you are new to meditation, using an app like Headspace will help you get started with guided meditation practices. They are currently offering free support for everyone.

These are just a few basic things you can try to keep yourself occupied and lively during these uncertain times. I hope everyone takes the social distancing warning seriously and stays safe and healthy! Remeber, it’s not just about you, it’s about everyone surrounding you too. Stick together by staying apart and support each other!

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