5 Tips for Healthy Hair

Here are a few tips you can try to improve and maintain the healthiness of your hair.

Shampoo & condition only 3/4 times a week – If you wash your hair too often, like everyday, then all of the natural oils from your hair that keep it healthy will be stripped. By reducing the amount you shampoo and condition, you’re allowing these oils to repair and replenish your hair. You should rub shampoo only onto your roots and then when you rinse, it will run through the rest. Always condition after shampooing and this should only be applied to the bottom of your hair. My favourite shampoo and conditioners are from OGX, especially their coconut set. They make my hair so soft and fragrent and it lasts for days. However, I am trying to make the change to shampoo and conditioner bars (as I talked abour in my eco friendly changes post) and so I have some Lush ones I use. I haven’t tried a huge range of shampoo bars but I find that ones from Lush smell amazing and lather up really well so my hair still feels super clean.

Use an oil treatment once a week – Oil treatments have so many benefits for your hair such as heat protection, replacing lipids (what holds your hair together and stops it from splitting) and acting as a detangler. The benefits will vary between oil products. I use Aussie’s oil treatment once a week. I apply it all over wet hair before I use shampoo and I find that my hair feels so full and healthy afterwards.

Avoid heat – Let your hair air dry! I never use a hairdryer and since stopping, I have found that my hair (especially at the ends) stays healthier for longer and stops split ends coming back as quickly after a cut. I very rarely use heat appliances like straighteners or curlers unless it’s an occasion. In this scenario, I use L’oreal Elvive Dream Lengths No Haircut Cream. I apply it to the ends of my hair right before using the heat appliance. This helps minimise any heat related damage.

Brush from bottom to top – Start by brushing out tangles at the bottom and then work your way up. This reduces the amount of breakages because you’re not dragging the hairbrush from top to bottom and pulling through knots and tangles. Thus, leaving your hair intact.

Get regular trims – Experts recommend getting your hair cut every 10-12 weeks to prevent the worsening of any split ends. If you don’t get rid of your split ends, they will continue to split further up each strand of hair, leaving your hair thinner and also meaning you will probably need to get a lot more chopped off at your next hair appointment.

Start following these tips and your hair will be healthier within a couple weeks. If you usually wash your hair everyday, it will take some getting used to as on days when you don’t wash your hair, it will probably be super greasy (like mine was). You just have to get through those days with a few go to bad hair day looks and you will soon start to notice that your hair stays clean looking for longer. I hope these tips help you achieve your hair goals.

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Thanks for reading!

2 replies on “5 Tips for Healthy Hair”

Of course, hair type also makes a big difference to how best to care for your hair, too. In my experience the weather also makes a difference – winter weather can be very drying! Do you have any tips on protective styling?


Yes, these tips are very general and cover the basics. I find the cold and wind really dries my hair out. I don’t know much about protective styling but I think the key is moisturising! Keeping hair moisturised and scalp clean 🙂


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