Secret Cinema – Stranger Things

We took a trip up to London for the Stranger Things experience by Secret Cinema. The theme of this event was ‘Hawkins High reunion’ at the July 4th fair (as seen in series 3). We became the graduates of the 80s and dressed to suit the part. This post will contain spoilers about the event!

We arrived at Starcourt Mall and it was like stepping into the TV. The cars from the show were on display outside but this was the last point where phones were allowed. Just like in the show, the mall had an arcade, a Scoops Ahoy ice cream parlour, an 80s fashion shop and more. We were welcomed by a rocker who gave us the first step of our task.

Moving out of the mall, we went to the July 4th fair. It was a big space filled with food stands, fair games and a podium for speeches, catwalks and dance battles that were going on throughout the evening. There was also a sports bar and the mayors office was open as the election was fast approaching.

Following the task our rocker mentor gave us, we had to find different characters (there were live actors dotted all over the place, including familiar faces from the show), use the mayor’s computers for research and find hidden clues throughout the fair ground. With our findings, we worked with a journalist to broadcast to the cittizens of Hawkins and get the word out! Each year group was given a different story to investigate.

Once our detective work was done, everyone was gathered for the mayor’s speech. Though, he didn’t receive the reception he had hoped for. Being tired of all the secrets, Hawkins residents called for a revolution. Live actors based on the TV characters (11, Hopper, Billy etc.) presented some of the high adrenaline moments from the final series. Everyone was then led through to a warehouse previously closed off. The actors created an action packed montage of the best, saddest and strangest moments from all 3 previous series, ending with Dustin and Susie’s version of Neverending Story which got the whole crowd singing and dancing.

Afterwards, Hawkins graduates could hang out at the fair and mall for more food and drinks or call it a night and head out.

This was an awesome event that was organised and executed so impressively but still allowed everyone to do their own thing. The event runs until March but I think I’ve given most of the surprises away!

I would definately love to do another Secret Cinema event. Their next project is Dirty Dancing which is opening in Summer 2020.

Thanks for reading,


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